cooking in Switzerland


I have found cooking in Switzerland kills my boredom but  gives me a rounder belly. Here is my first attempt at an apple tart with pastry creme, freshly harvested local apples from my neighbors tree and the help of short cuts like store bought bio tart dough and easy to make pastry creme mix. Perhaps if I was not biased about making everything from scratch I might have enjoyed it more but I felt the creme was not rich enough because it was missing the six egg yolks.  When cooking with my little guy and trying to make him an apple tart for breakfast upon request it was necessary to take the short cuts. We enjoyed our tart and managed to save some for Jeremy. Next time I will try making it all from scratch, the only thing is at the same time I will have to make meringue with the egg whites.

Ooh and one more short cut that I could not live without is my awesome pele pommes. This is a great kitchen device that under supervision my three year old son can use and help me peel, core and cut apples.



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