you my sun shine

A little gift for a friend’s nursery.


The strawberry headband I made for you fits you now and you look adorable in it!

amaya in my tee shirt scarf

It looks adorable on her but she is not quite old enough to wear it yet.

my big belly cast

At first I tried doing this myself. I quickly realized that that it was not going to work as every time I moved, the plaster cloth moved and thus the boobs fell off! Hurray for my sweet husband who after work came to my rescue! I have a beautiful belly cast with boobs included!

nursing cover

Why not make a nursing cover for this little pea in the pod. My little Jean-Pierre nursed for over three years and never liked to be covered. At first I thought that I would be shy to nurse in public but the moment he came into our lives and wanted to nurse I found that it is a part of life and there is…


Today I decided it was time to make use of some of the vintage fabric samples I have been hording around since high school.  Little one soon you will be able to count with me starting from three ending at six with different textures for you to discover.