wild flowers

flower picking-6

flower picking-1

Picking wild flowers is a great family activity and afterwards we arrange them together.

superman blown away and cold

superman blown away-2 superman blown away-6 superman blown away-5

my little superman wanted to be blown away but came to the conclusion that the wind was a bit cold

wow mommy these tractor wheels are gigantic



dr solidakis-2

Amaya Jeane and Dr. Solidakis


amaya in pink dress-1

amaya in stars-3

amaya striped feet-1

amaya in stars-2

amaya in stars-1

Amaya Jeane

You are now two months and we are all in love with you. When you get excited you do this little leg dance and pucker your lips, it melts my heart away with a smile.

mami and amaya-2

It took seconds for little Amaya Jeane to fall fast asleep in her mami’s arms.

my blue super hero and his girl

amaya jp bw-2

amaya jp -3

Jean-Pierre absolutely adores his little sister, taking on being the big brother seriously. The first thing he does when he wakes up is to check up on Amaya and he lets me know if she is awake or not. Usually the morning begins with a cuddle, the big brother on my left and Amaya on my right. He holds her hand and says good morning to her in a sweet soft voice. A tranquil moment of peace and a warm embrace is a wonderful way to start the day.