Cinque Terre, Italy


portrait my son took of me

I find it sweet that my son tells me he wants to take pictures of me. I like his shots because they are full of angles and I can see the world through his perspective. I find I learn quite a bit from his passionate spirit about creation and how he sets up his shots.

mes petites aventures avec thatcher

The joys and adventures of  childhood friendships are remarkable. One of the things I miss the most is watching Jean Pierre and Thatcher interact with one another and all the smiles and laughs they brought me.

My home away from home is with this little guy and his mother, Lee Lee in Taos, New Mexico

scarecrows in Switzerland

Near Paul Klee Museum in Bern, Switzerland there is a free corn maze for the public to wonder around in and one encounters these delightful scarecrows.  Unfortunately, I do not know who made these and whoever it may be whether it be one person/s or a group of children these scarecrows are wonderful.  This is what the Denver Botanic Gardens is missing in its free corn maze for children, a little bit of character.

I wonder if they work… if they frighten birds?  Because they definitely do not frighten me, they make me giggle.

Jean Pierre and his escargo clan

It is hard to not to laugh and squeal at the sight of my son and his escargot clan. When we decided to make the move from Colorado to Neuchâtel I had no idea that Jean Pierre would get to Switzerland and bring back escargot from his outdoor excursions.  I use to think escargot as a delicious meat to add to parsley, garlic and butter. Now unfortunately I see them as family, protecting them from bad placement where they can easily get crushed under foot and picking up after them as they leave behind a gooey mess. Soon enough the season will change and both I and the escargot will get some rest.

Jean Pierre and his captures

My three year old son, the artist in thought.

As a mother I find that it is important to allow my son to explore the arts. In fairness I provide him with the tools I would use. The tripod an easier way for him to take pictures with my heavy camera without dropping it. There are always solutions…to saying no in a better way.

when little ones use their imagination, fishnets and spiderman