Erlach – St Petersinsel

enchanted wilderness

my ears tickle

at the engaging sounds of your whispers

sauntering alongside you

taken by your calmness

flapping wings

kissed by its breath as it takes lift

flute song sings

splatter trickle splatter splash trickle

symbiotic mirrors

reflect nature’s dance

in sea of beauty


my little jeanp


Basel, Switzerland

Why not capture a city through its windows. This was my thought…give a window the opportunity to express what a city is all about.


window window

show me what you are

beyond above and below

reflections of what I do not see

spread out

set the umbrellas free

crowd and swallow up everything

pumpkin soup

Fall season is here and Halloween was celebrated in the town of Bole with children dressed in costumes playing games while free hot pumpkin soup was served. It was cooked in this huge iron cauldron and had a hint of curry, delicious. For desert you could buy pies and breads of various kinds for 1ch a slice. This was a great deal! I bought an almond tart, walnut tart and pumpkin bread. My favorite was the almond tart. Ok I did not eat all three entirely, I shared with Jeremy however I did help myself to two servings of pumpkin soup.


buttercup squash

There are a plenitude of ideas that come to mind when harvesting a buttercup squash but my all time favorite is my husband’s delicious roasted seeds.

marshmallow robot

My first advice after seeing my pictures is to be careful not to allow your son to sit on the edge of a stove stop. I was well aware that the stove was off but one it could create some confusion as to what a stove is used for  and two perhaps the uneven distributed weight of a child can break the glass. Avoid the end result of a big screaming ouch!

The story of the pictures is kitchen utensils and marshmallows make for some interesting robots. However my son was not so fascinated with his robot because he could not build it the way he wanted to. It was until he realized he could devour the marshmallow and destroy the robot that he had fun.

Information on marshmallow

Technically they were traditional Guimauve made in Montpellier, France since 1890 and ooh darn I just read the ingredients and found out I ate pork!  Jeremy’s mother told me they were all natural, I did not know that meant natural flavors and pork gelatin. I imagined arrowroot powder. Silly old vegetarian roots living inside my brain, pork is natural too. Its just an animal I prefer not to eat.