Gruyères in the winter

Tibet Museum, Gruyères, Switzerland



lucern, switzerland

hand made ornaments

paper, card board tubes, string, wire, paint, glitter, buttons and beads

I do not know why but every year I get into this funk of making ornaments.



Button Rings

Three button rings I made for a friend who is giving them as gifts. Going all the way to Australia.

I had to include an escargot shell, but poor JP he kept asking me what happened to the escargot.

Erlach – St Petersinsel

enchanted wilderness

my ears tickle

at the engaging sounds of your whispers

sauntering alongside you

taken by your calmness

flapping wings

kissed by its breath as it takes lift

flute song sings

splatter trickle splatter splash trickle

symbiotic mirrors

reflect nature’s dance

in sea of beauty


my little jeanp